The time is upon us!

Dear friends, fools and Frank Ocean,

On May 18th, please join us at the Adeline Collective (3801 San Pablo Avenue) for an intimate evening of music, laughter, Terry Gross-level humanistic insight and upsettingly cheap beer.

Joining us will be San Francisco's reining surf-rock kings Spooky Mansion, the brilliant Zimbabwean songwriter Piwai and Mortal Kombat stunt-double- turned hella baller weed entrepreneur Seibo Shen. Plus whatever other poor bastards we can con into leaping into the fray.

We still love you, even if Trump wants to feed you to the gators. To spite him, and to help Oakland, all profits from the show will be donate to a local Oakland arts non-profit <3

You will laugh. You will cry. You will end up losing everything that you came with.

Your pals,
The Max Savage Show


Tickets can be found HERE