Episode 4: A Feast for Crows, Bros & Mad Flows


A co-host who couldn't stop barfing. A tech mastermind who didn't want to be hugged. The tragic disappearance of Charlie, our inspiring and pungent sign-holder. All signs pointed towards existential crisis, excessive whiskey and clogged toilets. But under the supervision of producer / shamanistic wonderwoman Ginger Fierstein, we took what was handed to us and turned it into a night to remember. Queens D.Light electrified the crowd with her single "Queen of Zamunda," the brilliant team from Abura-ya Fried Chicken brought the heat, Toro y Moi competed in a dating game of epic consequences. Kara Swisher dropped bombs of knowledge on hipsters who don't know what a computer is, Foxtails Brigade reminded us that we aren't ourselves, and Wine and Bowties pulled the show out from under our feet. At some point Will stopped vomiting. We love you all, Marta.

PRODUCER-EYE-VIEW|  PHOTOGRAPHS from GINGER FIERSTEIN | gingerfphotography.com | @gingerfphotography