God's own dive bar turned into a hedonistic wasteland. Slippery synthetic cheese the consistency of Trump’s cock. A Silent Disco that didn’t work. For Episode 5, the freaks behind the Max Savage Show invoked a new world order, transforming the Hatch (big ups on Yelp, Frances C. from Castro Valley aside) into a carnival of disaster for one night and roughly one night only.

Seibo Shen – fka “AStuntDoubleFromMortalKombatHolyFuq” – now CEO of VapeXHale, brought the weed and a really fancy thang to smoke it out of. Strong stuff. Spooky Mansion brought the esoteric surf-rock zeitgeist, Piwai slayed. There was high-concept art. Albert Einstein’s descendent was there, and he’s Jewish. It was really warm.

Ja Rule was not in attendance.  We more or less broke even, and Max exposed some chest hair. Years from now, historians will probably note that significant turning point in his career as iconic and noteworthy. Mark my words.