Episode 3: A Storm of Sword-Sharp Intellects

By the end of the night, sexy weed advice had been given from inside a cloud of green smoke, and Waterstrider had regaled us with gorgeous new songs. The Bay Area had found its best cocktail, the Savage Savage, and Max had managed to fall off the stage only once. A vicious battle had been fought to determine whether San Mateo was indeed cooler than San Francisco, and Fantastic Negrito surprised the crowd with jaw-dropping performance. Yes, it all happened, at our new home, the Starline Social Club. Thanks to you, our brilliant audience, we raised SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for the most exceptional of non-profits, ARTS FOR OAKLAND KIDS. We love you all, unless you're Donald Trump.

PRODUCER-EYE-VIEW|  PHOTOGRAPHS from GINGER FIERSTEIN | gingerfphotography.com | @gingerfphotography