Episode 1: A Song of Fire, Ice and Tomfoolery

Episode 1 was, let's be honest, way better than the Phantom Menace. Toro y Moi played solo, acoustic versions of songs from What For?, his most recent album. Sarah Sexton of Oaktown Indie Mayhem was given a pizza box full of Max's hair by our good friend Stelth Ulvang. Accompanied by Oakland hip-hop collective the Oakland Mind, Max free-styled the news. Will Butler, not of the Arcade Fire, got strangers to participate in a dating show. They made out. Then they were married. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Max's grandma, who is 92 and balls so hard. She really likes Vampire Weekend, and not just because Ezra is Jewish. 

PRODUCER-EYE-VIEW|  PHOTOGRAPHS from GINGER FIERSTEIN | gingerfphotography.com | @gingerfphotography

A VISUAL RECAP courtesy of HARRISON GAYTON | http://harrisongayton.com | @harrisongayton